Thursday, 19 April 2018

Turned 39 on Monday April the 16th!

Firstly thank you for all your messages through Instagram and the txt messages I received 🖤🖤🖤

WOW I'm 39 years old now and I feel great!!! I've reached the Granny Goth mark LOL!! I do like Granny Goth as opposed to Elder Goth though and will always be a forever GOTH! For me age has nothing to do with it and it just gets better as you get older. I do call my self the Granpire type of Vampire for fun and I love it!

My husband spoilt me rotten for my birthday, he always treats me like a Queen, he's such a gentleman. He bought me lots of Funerary themed things that I love as well as perfume, tarot cards a wonderful The Devil tarot card phone case and lots more, I'm a very lucky lady. We both took the day off  to go on an outing to Acmi to see the exhibit WONDERLAND. It was great and to follow he had some delicious Blood like cakes, just what a pair of Vampires needed to end the night V--V

here are some photos of our day 😍

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Necromancy 1972

Wanted to share some pics from the movie NECROMANCY 1972 ~ I watch a lot of movies from this era especially when it involves the Occult a Witches Coven and a town called LILITH!

All images came from the net except the Tarot cards, I screenshot those while watching this movie. 

Monday, 9 April 2018

1970s Goth!

On Sunday morning I watched NECROMANCY 1972 while getting ready to visit my Dad for he's birthday and was inspired to wear my Necromancy t-shirt by Wicked Clothes and this cute orange and green wool skirt I thrifted years ago; which used to be long but, I cut it short and turned it into a mini. Not that this outfit looked anything like what the ladies were wearing in the movie but they had similar skirts and thought my Necromancy t-shirt would look great with it.

 ~ I love my 1960s. 1970s Occult Movies. 

Great to see my family for Dad's birthday, he's such a wonderful man with the kindest heart, very lucky to have him as my father. We also happened to celebrate mine a week early too! 

My birthday isn't until the 16th of April but it was nice to celebrate with Dad. This cake was so delicious, I love these old-fashioned cakes they always taste incredible and remind me of my childhood.

I want more! So yummy 🖤