Thursday, 16 November 2017

The Haunted Bookshop!

Early in the week I visited The Haunted Bookshop. I adore this place and could spend hours looking at all the glorious books and having a good old chat with the owner Drew, which I've known for a very long time. He also guides Ghost Tours which he is quiet famous for. If you're a darkling like myself and into the Occult then you'll appreciate this little gem!  

Shop Link: The Haunted Bookshop ... words directly from he's website  ~ 
Drew Sinton's iconic Haunted Bookshop is Australia's leading occult bookshop with the country's largest range of occult and supernatural titles in store plus tarot decks, Gothic literature, Gothic jewellery and cult horror DVDs for the dark and brooding or morbidly inclined.

Vampire books for an eternity...

I could just live in this Bookshop! 

Lots of DVD's and gorgeous Coffins, so perfect! 

Lots of Spooky Ghostly books which I love!

Cute Ghosts...

and a lovely mannequin.  

I came home with Little Vampire Women and I can't wait to read it haha!! Good old March Sisters. I also bought some Vampire Blood Incense Fangs! 

Book bought from The Haunted Bookshop (Melbourne)
Vampire Incense bought from Highway To Hell (Melbourne)

Thanks for reading xox 

Monday, 13 November 2017

Stuff Lately!

Prairie dresses, Bats, Spiders and a Spiked headband. 

I bought this dress years ago, shortened it and sewed on the lovely frill. 

I love my Granpire wardrobe and dress this way most of the time, but I also love wearing my casual Goth clothes when I just can't be bothered, or am looking for comfort BUT I always wear my signature eye makeup with any outfit I choose for the day, one would like to dress Vintage everyday but it doesn't always happen that way. 

Melbourne outings.

Lovely red Roses and Agatha Christie books which I love! 

A Leopard statue I saw and made me think of the Movie, Bringing Up Baby 1938. I love watching all the Classics, always!

Old world charm.

Some new tea; French Earl Grey delicious! I also bought some Pukka and Dandelion tea recently too. 

Casual Goth attire, all black everything! 

I used to love this band years ago when I rocked a Gothabilly look! I mainly admired Zombie Ghost Train for their Spooky Horrorbilly style, even saw these guys live when Melbourne was quiet alternative, sadly that's not the case anymore! I guess other styles have become more popular, but where are all the Spooky people gone??? Please come back! I am 38 years old and still Spooky haha :) 

Miss. Morison's Ghost! What an amazing outfit, I want it!! 

New purchases, Basic Witches book and Flowers of the Night oracle, looking forward to working with these.

Great humour and a modern way to look at Witchcraft. The Oracle cards are amazing, very me and dark! 

What a beauty! 

Me comparing my hand handmade Roses to the real deal! If you didn't know I made Roses, I have an IG account called @the.blood.witch there you'll find what I do for work etc. If you would like any Roses made just contact me for custom made beauties. 

I love the art of making Roses! 

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Dark Shadows Granpire Matching My Little Vampire Doll!

Dark Shadows Granpire Queen with my little Vampire doll dressed like me! 

This 70's floral dress I bought years back, looks amazing on and is really comfortable, I love the length. 

Isn't my Kriss Poison doll the cutest!!! 

We are wearing the same jewellery a Spider and Bat! (Black felt Roses in the corner handmade by me) 

70's Gothemian. 

Velvet Vampire V--V Blood Witch! 

Floor length.

What a sweet little Vampire, matching her Granpire V--V

Spider and Bat, just like me. 

Tiny little boots!

So adorable 🎔

Monday, 6 November 2017

Old Cinema!

Ever since I was a little vamp i've always been heavily inspired by old cinema. I'm a person who enjoys bygone times and all the glory that came with those era's. I hardly watch anything of the current times doesn't really interest me; although some things are good but I mainly watch old things, whether their Velvet Vampire movies of the 60s and 70s, or Agatha Christie's Miss Marple. I am definitely an old soul. When I was 4 years old I made friends with a granny in our inner city apartment, I would often visit her world of wonderful, brooches, coats and hats. I loved the music she listened to, too!  AM radio 1920's tunes and I think she changed my life forever, hence my love for Granny Stuff! I remember her like it was yesterday and most of my Granpire art characters come from the movies I watch. 

Wanted to share a lovely movie called The Opposite Sex 1956. I adore this film and Agnes Moorehead (one of my all time favourite actors) is just amazing in it. I never get sick of watching it that's for sure! 

The Opposite Sex is a remake of the 1939 classic comedy The Women.

I love Dolly too, shes an amazing character and has the most adorable dog 🎔