Sunday, 27 May 2018

Grown Up Draculaura!

A grown up Draculaura with a Love Witch brooch! 

I've been sewing in my spare time and my dresses turned blouses have been working out great. Really enjoying this new Granny Goth look, a saturation of black with a pop of colour being the blouse and bow. Here are some pics of this amazing piece, pastel pinks and purples I love to wear and suit me quite well! 

Gothic Glamour in 1970s Victorian Revival. ( my first hairdressing salon I owned was called Madame Gothic Glamour) thank you for reading xxx

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Puffed Sleeves!

Another dress turned into a blouse...

This one in particular is very sweet and I adore those large puffs, so old fashioned! I must say these pastel colours suit me well and I enjoy wearing them surrounded in black of course. A very good way to add a bit of fancy elegance into your wardrobe. 

I've been quite a busy Lady Vamp but I did get time to see Agatha Christie's Crooked House at the movies the other day which I was very excited about, it was great! I am a big fan of Agatha and her mysteries, especially Miss Marple! When you're a Granny Goth like me, you enjoy all these Old Lady styles and adventures, movies, tea and scones hahaha! 

All these things I watch heavily inspire me and my style, I'm not afraid to be me and am quite proud of my individuality. I don't want to fit in nor be like anyone else but myself!

Happy World Goth Day 🖤

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Dark Crystal!

Some new stuff!

I bought some cute things from Beserk recently... 2 Dark Crystal pins one being the Dark Crystal it self and the other Aughra, love them both and I've always loved the movie! The Crystal looks lovely on this 1970s Victorian Revival dress, pink is very bewitching to me. 

I also bought, you'll see further down the page a Ghostly t-shirt which says A Haunted Home is a Happy Home, but you can't see too much of it in the pic but it's a cutie AND a pair of Killstar Unholy Velvet high top sneakers.

Thanks for reading xxx

Monday, 14 May 2018

Graveyard Granpire!

Autumn days visiting beautiful Old Cemeteries! 

One of my favourite things to do besides visit Tea Rooms is visiting Cemeteries, the older the better, especially in the country. 

I captured some beautiful dark and gloomy shots...

Black Funeral Bloom Roses ~ I made for accompanied by my gorgeous books. Thanks for reading xxx

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Granny Stuff I Bought!

The stuff I bought from Clunes...

A cute little basket, added the black bows to make it more me! It's great to carry water, books etc. along side your handbag. I do have a slightly bigger one but use that for my hairdressing stuff I take with me when doing hair. 

This basket is VERY Mrs. Wilberforce from the movie ~ The Ladykillers 1955

Always on the hunt for Agatha Christie books! A great love of mine. 

Love my Murder Mysteries, such a fucking Granny!

More mysteries. 

Actually found a Barbara Cartland book, I'm thrilled! 

A few books on dolls.

I was so happy to come across this book, I was spewing I didn't buy it at the festival last year but was very pleased to see, that it was in the exact same spot this year waiting for me :) 

Bronte love!

You've already seen this gorgeous Granny bling in the last post. 

and last but not least I found this book, the cover is boring but the story sounded intriguing so I bought it. You all know my heart swells when I find Granny stuff! :) 

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Clunes Booktown Festival!

Some pictures of our trip to Clunes Booktown Festival last Sunday...

We go every year, I love books and I love reading and you never know what you might find!

I ate the best Jammie Dodger ever!!! Made with walnut, so tasty. 

Looking back I probably should of bought this but I found it a bit pricey. I love the movie and even designed 2 badges after it ~ you can find those in the Granpire section of my blog. 

I always spot Little Women, it's an amazing story. 

Some parts of the new Picnic at Hanging Rock were filmed in Clunes. 

I found and bought this gorgeous little ring and brooch as well as a basket which i'll post in the next blog. 

I remember seeing this dress a few years back, so beautiful!

Good old Anne of Green Gables ~ love always!

Unfortunately not many spooky books were to be found. 

Very interested in Mrs Beetons cook books ~ one day i'll try out some recipes.

Clunes is lovely, if you haven't been to the Book Festival you should go! Happens once a year in May.

Clunes you're a sweet little town, see you next year! I will post the books I bought in the next blog, thanks for reading xxx